Entrevista da Banda Miruthan from Newcastle, Australia

  • 30/04/2024
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Entrevista da Banda Miruthan from Newcastle, Australia

Entrevista da Banda Miruthan from Newcastle, Australia

INTERVIEW. Answered by Demigod Nzambi

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INTERVIEW. Answered by Demigod Nzambi

1-How did the band come about? Tell us about your influences and career goals.

A-Miruthan was an idea I have had rolling around in my head for years.

And I have been touring with other acts for years but it was time to get this to the world. It has really been influenced from my love of horror movies and tv shows and apocalyptic, Survival tales. Career wise I would like to take this as far as I possibly can and have fun doing it. I think the concept is entertaining and quite cool so I think it will be grasped pretty well by audiences.

2-How long have you been on the road?

A – The band have just started our “cult of the Dead” e.p tour so just a few weeks on the road, but the band itself isn’t even a year old yet. So we are just pushing our way across the country city by city to show what we can do!

3-Have all the members been the same since the beginning of the group?

A – We have had a quick line-up change very early on just 2 members, but that was after the first show. So pretty well all the same people.

4-Where did they come from?

A-The members come from the abyss of an apocalyptic world haha, Majority have come from previously touring acts but we do have a few fresh to music members too, I like to drag people kicking and screaming into the music industry and see if they live !! They came willingly but it’s fun to watch them.

5-How is returning to the Shows going?

A-The shows are great, gaining numbers massively each show and followers to the Cult Ov Miruthan. The Crowd participation has been massive we have had the crowd bowing to the overlord and enjoying the shtick we have at shows.

6-What did you do during the pandemic?

A-The pandemic is where I started getting ideas for the music and songs but it wasn’t created for a year or so later. So lots of writing and study into styles and chord structures etc..


8- What is the most difficult fact you have faced during your career?

A – Just lack of money to drive what my motivation creates. I am very motivated and get in and make things happen but the money doesn’t match the ideas. I realise this is lots of bands but with a massive show and big sound production it makes it very hard .

9- What was the most memorable show?

A-We just did a punk vs Metal festival show here in Newcastle Australia and that was pretty memorable, we had the crowd interacting with every song and thing we did. The crowd just loved it. And we feed off the crowd so much, makes us put our all into the performance.

10- Which band’s song do fans like/listen to most on streaming?

A – We are pretty new but At The Barricades is getting smashed on streaming, people are singing at the shows and chanting the chorus and for us that is what it is all about.

11- How many shows do you do per month?

A –In Australia it is such a distance between shows and cities etc.. so we are averaging around 4 shows a month at the moment. We anticipate this becoming more as our crowds are just growing each and every show.

12- Who is your inspiration for the band?

A – there is a whole array of inspirations for this outfit, from the 1950’s to now. Screaming Jay Hawkins I think was the first in the what is now called metal. He has always been a massive inspiration to me. As well as Motörhead, I got to meet Lemmy years ago. Such a rock n roll inspiration. He was so accomodating to say hello as he was gambling in a casino .

13- Which singers or bands do you like the most?

A – I really respect and admire Nergal from Behemoth, I think his songwriting is out of this world and full of character. And AmigoThe Devil is also a massive character and inspiration to my writing.

14- How did your families react when they found out about your choices to enter the world of music?

A-I personally started touring at 14 yo, My Family have always had my back and supported me in whatever I wanted to do. I am a fair few years on 14 now and they still hold the same values and support.

15- Are the songs composed by the members?

A-I write majority of the songs and then hand out the parts and let everyone do their thing with it. I find that works best . The lead guitarist is quite an intricate player so he writes some melody parts and killer chords to add to what I have done.

16- What song do people ask for the most?

A – Land of the Damned is the most requested, it was the first song we ever did so it has been at every show so far. And has the most airtime. We are happy about that it is a fun song to play.

17- Fun fact that happened to the band?


18- What dream do you still want to achieve in relation to the band?

A-I would really like to I see how far we can take the band, look at a major label and some big touring, enjoy the times we will have and give what we can back to the crowds.

19- A message for people who follow your work?

A-We urge you to join the Cult Ov Miruthan, we will look after you and show you a good time!!


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